David Haller's Father was a mutant who battled and defeated Farouk, the Shadow King, on the Astral Plane.


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Powers and Abilities


David Haller's father battling the Shadow King

  • Telepathy: Based on what Haller recalled, his father was a powerful psychic that did battle with the Shadow King and won.
  • Astral Projection: In David's mental recreation of this fight, his father is seen using telepathy against the Shadow King on the Astral Plane.





  • In the comics, Professor Charles Xavier is the father of David Haller. As of yet, his identity is unconfirmed in the Legion universe. However, there are various hints in the show that David's father is Xavier based on events from the comics.
    • The chalkboard sequence in Chapter 7 depicts David's father as being bald and wearing a suit, much like Xavier from the comics.
    • Both Xavier and David's father psychically fought the Shadow King and did not know David until adulthood.
    • Xavier's wheelchair from the X-Men series of films appears briefly in Chapter 7.


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  1. Episode: Chapter 7

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