A list of guidelines to follow by all users of Legion Wiki.

Naming conventions

  • Do not capitalize the title of a page unless it is a proper name. For example, "David Haller's father" instead of "David Haller's Father".



All images on Legion Wiki are to be categorized appropriately. All the image categories used on this wiki can be found under Category:Images. However, do not categorize any images under it, as it is supposed to be a hub for other image categories.


With the exception of promotional material used for the show, all images are to be categorized under the episode they are from. A list of these categories can be found at Category:Images by episode. If you cannot find the appropriate category, please contact an admin to create one.


Images of Legion characters are to be categorized under one or more of the categories found under Category:Images by character. Only characters portrayed by main or recurring actors have image categories of their own. Otherwise, they simply go under Category:Images of minor characters.




The following sections are to be used on character pages.

  • Biography
  • Powers and abilities (if relevant)
  • Relationships
  • Trivia
  • Appearances
  • References (include <references/> tag)

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