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Sydney "Syd" Barrett is a mutant with the power to temporarily switch bodies with others. She was admitted to Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital with the diagnosis of anti-social personality disorder [1]. There, she meets David and falls in love with him, the two eventually joining Summerland in the fight against Division 3.


Early life

Syd is a city girl that was raised on the 31st floor. She's had a couple father figures walk in and out of her life, all of whom she assumed were freighted by her mother, who was famously smart and traveled in highly respected circles. Unfortunately, her mother died a few years ago of cancer, but while she was alive, she wrote essays that many people talked about, often resulting in parties, that she would refer to as "Salons". Artists with mustaches and men with money clips, like big game hunters trying to bring her down. We kept their heads instead, Syd claimed.

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Powers and abilities

  • Mind Exchange: Barrett's mutation allows her to switch minds with another individual through physical contact. When this occurs, her consciousness goes into the body of the person she touched and vice versa. After a period of time has lapsed, Barrett and the person she switched bodies with return to their original bodies, though they remain wherever they were at the time the switch took place. This power can be activated involuntary if someone makes contact with Barrett against her will, as seen when David kisses her when she is about to leave Clockworks [2]. As a result of her power, she feels uncomfortable making contact with other people, even when wearing gloves.




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